the world's leading shipbuilding equipment manufacturer.

We are very pleased to introduce ourselves


We have supplied our goods with auality for both domestic & foreign shipbuilders and industrial plant. Any customer who has once used our AIR VENT HEAD and EXPANSION JOINT would recognize that KWANG SAN’S high quality goods meet correctly the ever increasing demand of shipbuilders & customers.




Faith & Leap

This is our future: communication toward the future, challenge, and passion. It is a value innovation firm that pushes the boundaries of possibility and creates new values.


Through systematic analysis of increasing R&D capabilities through technological development,

transparent management through management innovation, and plans for growing the worldwide market, we will make ongoing efforts to become a global small and medium-sized enterprise. We will become a Global Top Kwang san in the shipbuilding and offshore industries by 2025, with the highest quality in the world.

KWANG SAN first entered

In the engineering and shipbuilding business in 1986

Much of the company's business was derived from shipbuilders

and it took a special interest in installing/fabricating piping and worked closely with piping design team. A close association also developed with the chemical industries, and it enabled us to making AIR VENT HEAD & EXPANSION JOINT, HEATING COIL UNIT as a standand production item for our shipbuilding customer.

global clients

Shipbuilding and offshore industry with the world's best quality

As we strive to grow from a domestic SME into a global MNC, we will take a methodical approach to studying how to improve our research and development capabilities, how to increase the openness of our management, and how to broaden our reach on a global scale.