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Expansion Joint

Expansion Joint is housed in the ship to remove such problems and it is designed to elongate the pipe and absorb the shrinking amount by itself so that it is not leaked out.

Installation Requirement

  • Divide the pipe length into sections ensuring that the expansion is within the allowable movement of a joint.
  • Both ends of pipe to be smooth cut and chamfered (squared off)not to hurt gasket material by mechanical damage such as scratching.
  • Push follower, gasket & middle ring in regular sequence when inserting gasket material, check again where there is a sharp edge of piping with no burring.
  • Try to provide the anchor bolt of EXPANSION JOINT on to both pipes.
  • Bolting each hole of end ring and tighten nut properly.

Application Information

  • There are lots of applicable fluid pipes in general. For the details of application, pleaese refer to our type approval certificates or contact our people without hesitation.