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Air Vent Head

Our main product “Air Vent Head” is the best product with high precision and high quality required by customer that is produced based on the most optimized production system along with Kwang san’s accumulated technology as an essential part to promote human safety by cutting immediate overturn or preventing the ship from sinking that the sea water or rain would be penetrated into the tank inside while the air is passed freely through the automatic Air Vent Head for the ship safety.

Upmost Optimized Design

Reduced in volume and weight (Approximately 20%~30% Down)
Type approval Air Vent Head meets IACS UR S27 Rule(REV.6),IACS UR P3 Rule (REV.4) Various types of materials are available.

  • Type ㅣWelding Type and Casting Type
                 (Body : FCD450/ SS400 /Aluminum /Stainless Steel / SCPL1, etc.)
                 (Float : Metallic/Non-Metallic)
  • Flange ㅣ JIS / ANSI / DIN are available
  • Upmost Optimized Design
  • Light weight
  • Compact Size
  • Easy Installation
  • No maintenance
  • No corrosion

Quality Manage System

Innovative character and high service level
  • Experience and Know-how : Basis for supreme reliability
Satisfied Rules
  • The Latest IACS UR P3 “Air Pipe Closing Devices”(REV.4) 
    (Test : Flow Test, Tightness Test, Discharge/ Reverse Flow Test (Vacuum Test)
  • IACS UR S27 “Strength requirements for Fore Deck Fittings and Equipment requirement”