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Automatic Back-flushing Filter

고객만족을 넘어 고객감동을. 직원이 행복한 회사, 신뢰가 기본이 회사를 만듭니다.

KSF-Series Image

Product Features

  • Wedged wire element with reinforced stainless steel 316L
  • Continuous automatic operations through differential pressure switch or timer signal
  • PE(Polyethylene) coated housing and stainless steel 316L Internal parts for preventing corrosion

Automatic Back-flushing Filter is an equipment that developed for kinds of industrial estate, uses wea water or fresh water.
It removes foreign substance from the water once they are larger than certain size.
Element method of Wedged Wire was used with Automatic back-flushing technique to maximize efficiency of filtration and remove element blocking phenomenon.


KWANG SAN’s automatic back-flushing filter KSF-series are used as pre-filtration device for the water treatment system.

The filter strains out particles and organisms from the sea water(or brackish water, fresh water, wastewater, etc.).

  • Ballast Water Management System
  • Offshore Plant
  • Power Plant
  • Desalination Plant
  • Chemical Plant
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Technical Data
Technical Data
List Data
Flow rate 150 ~ 3,000 ㎥/h
Inlet / Outlet flange size 100 ~ 800 A
Filtration rating 50 ~ 1,000 ㎛
Working pressure 5 kgf/㎠, 10kgf/㎠
Minimum outlet pressure 2 kgf/㎠(for back-flushing)
Back-flushing setting ΔP 0.5 kgf/㎠(controllable)
Alarm setting ΔP 0.8 kgf/㎠(controllable)
Back-flushing control Differential pressure switch / Timer
Power 380/440V, 3P, 60Hz
Housing material Carbon steel (PE coated inside)
Internal part material SUS316L, Teflon, Viton
Product Dimensions
Product Dimensions Data
Model Flow
Height(mm) Footprint
Total(HT) Inlet(HI) Outlet(HO)
KS40 150 2,000 350 1,250 450x450
KS50 250 2,100 400 1,350 470x470
KS70 500 2,300 450 1,550 620x620
KS90 1000 2,520 500 1,750 770x770
KS110 1500 2,750 550 2,000 920x920
KS135 2000 3,110 600 2,250 1,100x1,100
Product Dimensions Image
Filtration Efficiency
Filtration Efficiency Data
Filtration rating Micro Cell(dust) Altemia(organism)
Nominal value 50㎛(99.5%) 99.9% killed
Absolute value 100㎛(100%)
Model Code
Model Code Data Image
Service Fluid Data
Service Fluid
S Sea water
F Fresh water
W Waste water
Flange Type Data
Flange Type
Outlet Position Data
Outlet Position
Element Type Data
Element Type
W Wedged wire
S Sinter mesh
Nippon Kaiji Kyokai RINA ABS Group of Companies, Inc. Det Norske Vveritas Germanischer Lloyd Korean Register Lloyd's Register Bureau Veritas

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